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Ulysses S. Grant's signed letters and historical documents reflect his extraordinary military career and later presidency. Grant's life in 1860 was at a dead end. The West Point graduate had served in the Mexican American war but was adrift in the 1850's. At the outbreak of the Civil War he managed to secure an appointment as a brigadier general of an Illinois Volunteer Force. In a Union Army with too many generals who were political appointees, Grant relatively quickly showed great abilities. He became Lincoln's most aggressive and successful commander - Lincoln named him General in Chief of the Army in 1864. Ulysses S. Grant's autograph is the most popular of the Civil War, next to that of Lincoln. Documents signed by Grant as president are less costly than Civil War examples and Ulysses S. Grant's signature during the war is the most sought after. He had little time for any but the most important correspondence during the war with the result that Ulysses S. Grant's signed letters after the war are much more common.

As president, Grant experienced what other military leaders did - being president could be anti-climatic with less power than they had when commanding Armies. He established Yellowstone as America's first national park, setting a major conservation precedent and faced the enormous problem of Reconstruction - rebuilding the South's economic, social and political structures and signing and enforcing Civil Rights legislations. Ulysses S. Grant's signature on a card, at times, is the most frequently encountered. He was very well known and popular after his military victories and many people asked for his autograph and preserved them for future generations.

Own a piece of Civil War and presidential history with Ulysses S. Grant's signature on signed letters and documents. Every Ulysses S. Grant autographed collectible is guaranteed genuine.

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